Our Meet The Family page will be updated this spring of 2019 so you can meet
our new residents along with hear all of their individual stories.

Hazel, Daisy & Dani
Hazel, Daisy, and Dani were on a truck to a slaughterhouse when a vegan activist heroically rescued them. All three were used as dairy cows on an industrial farm and due to being considered no longer profitable, they were sent to be killed for food products.

She immediately got vet care and learned that they have a chronic disease. Because of being special needs cows, their rescuer was not able to find a permanent home that could help them with their extra care for over a half of year.

Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary was contacted about their living conditions and medical needs in August of 2018 and immediately took action to make a home for them. 

One of our goals in our sanctuary is to take away the stigma living beings such as our girls deal with because they are special needs.

The Cluck Gang

The Cock-a-doodle ROOS
Cluck Norris
Cluckquin Phoenix
The Bickering Hens
Big Bird
Hennifer Lopez
Miss Speckles
Cookie Dough
Coco Chip
Lindsey LoHen
Chick Jagger

Our Newest Feather Friends

Seven baby chicks were recently surrendered to us this August, 2018.

We are excited to have them join our family and currently are in the process of learning their sex and discovering their unique personalities.
Their story is very familiar-

A mother got her daughter some baby chicks to have as pets/backyard chickens.
Under her city ordinances, she was not allowed to have chickens.

Each city has certain ordinances on how many chickens are allowed and some have strict restrictions on having roosters. Make sure to check with your county before considering taking chickens into your home.

Make sure to ADOPT, don’t shop from hatcheries.

If you have room in your home to adopt and were looking on ways to do so, please contact us. There are many chickens that need homes and we would love to help!

Fighter Roosters

Let's change the stigma together...

One of our focuses at Anna Lake Microsanctuary is to smash the stigma put upon roosters. We focus on defending these misunderstood birds and aim to help others embrace them as intelligent and loveable creatures.

Pictured is our rooster bred to be a fighter in a chicken fighting ring and has dealt with heavy abuse. Even so, he has been without a doubt the most affectionate and kind roosters that we have had a chance to work with.

Misses Quacks

We were contacted in August of 2018 about 5 ducks that were living in unsuitable conditions in a basement. The owner decided to surrender the ducks to our sanctuary.

All 5 girls now live happily with a rooster gang enjoying their pool and playing in their large run.