Hazel, Daisy & Dani
Hazel, Daisy, and Dani were on a truck to a slaughterhouse when a vegan activist heroically rescued them. All three were used as dairy cows on an industrial farm and due to being considered no longer profitable, they were being sent to be killed for food products.

She immediately got vet care and learned that they have a chronic disease. Because of being special needs cows, their rescuer was not able to find a permanent home that could help them with their extra care for over a half of year.

Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary was contacted about their living conditions and medical needs in August of 2018 and immediately took action to make a home for them. We are currently in the process of fencing off approximately 7-8 acres along with giving them a healthy diet to assure they have a chance to live a long, fulfilling life.

One of our goals in our sanctuary is to take away the stigma living beings such as our girls deal with because they are special needs.

The Cluck Gang

The Cock-a-doodle ROOS
Cluck Norris
Cluckquin Phoenix
The Bickering Hens
Big Bird
Hennifer Lopez
Miss Speckles
Cookie Dough
Coco Chip
Lindsey LoHen
Chick Jagger

Our Newest Feather Friends

Their story is very familiar-

A mother got her daughter some baby chicks to have as pets/backyard chickens.
Under her city ordinances, she was not allowed to have chickens.

Each city has certain ordinances on how many chickens are allowed and some have strict restrictions on having roosters. Make sure to check with your county before considering taking chickens into your home.

Make sure to ADOPT, don’t shop from hatcheries.

If you have room in your home to adopt and were looking on ways to do so, please contact us. There are many chickens that need homes and we would love to help!
Seven baby chicks were recently surrendered to us this August, 2018.

We are excited to have them join our family and currently are in the process of learning their sex and discovering their unique personalities.

Fighter Roosters

Let's change the stigma together...

One of our focuses at Anna Lake Microsanctuary is to smash the stigma put upon roosters. We focus on defending these misunderstood birds and aim to help others embrace them as intelligent and loveable creatures.

Pictured is our rooster bred to be a fighter in a chicken fighting ring and has dealt with heavy abuse. Even so, he has been without a doubt the most affectionate and kind roosters that we have had a chance to work with.

Misses Quacks

We were contacted in August of 2018 about 5 ducks that were living in unsuitable conditions in a basement. The owner decided to surrender the ducks to our sanctuary.

Right now, our main goal is to get them comfortable, used to human contact, and to enjoy the outdoors in their pool.

We are currently learning about their personalities and figuring out the names that will best suit them best.


Leia is our best friend and loving companion to our chickens and cats.

She loves attention from anyone that comes around, licking the cats, protecting the chickens, and going into the lake.

Did you know:

Labs are one of the most exploited dogs and commonly found breeds in shelters.

This is due to people buying labs for generations to use as hunting dogs and if they cannot be trained because of their high energy or perform anymore due to health or age, they are surrendered to shelters or abandoned. 

According to the Humane Society, millions of animals get euthanized yearly in shelters because they cannot be placed in homes. Labs are also a commonly used animal in animal testing.

ADOPT and don’t buy from breeders.

Click below to learn more.

Pledge To End Animal Homelessness
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Honey Boo Boo (Mama) Cat
Honey Boo Boo, a.k.a Mama Cat, was found abandoned in a parking lot of a meat market.

Honey Boo Boo gave birth to seven kittens: Marshmellow, Mini Mama, Albus, Mittens, Mini Albus, Teeny, Walter, and Jesse.

All continue to live at Anna Lake Microsanctuary, except Marshmellow, whom was adopted by a close friend.

Our grandbabies make our day brighter everyday.
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In Remembrance...

The Quack Gang

Two amazing people, Chanda Firkus and her partner Ashleigh Rochelle, took a part in rescuing four ducklings whose mother was killed.

For months they lived with our Pekin duck Ellsworth, who they would follow around. When they learned to fly, they would circle Ellsworth realizing he himself was not able to fly, and would come back down to be his companion. They would follow him around the yard in a perfect row until one day, they felt comfortable enough to be free.

They visited us for about a month, coming back to say hello and hang out with Ellsworth and their chicken brothers and sisters until winter hit and they went on their own.

We feel so happy to have known them.

Our best friend Ellsworth

In memoriam...

When we first adopted Ellsworth, we were uneducated on the importance of not supporting hatcheries and living by vegan principles.

When I went to pick him up at the post office at 4:30am, he was sitting on a desk in the back with the entire crew admiring how sweet and kind he was, even only being a few days old.

He loved to give kisses and lip nibbles, bear hugs, and to be a companion to our lab puppy Leia.

He passed away recently and we miss his kind soul everyday.

I would like to thank our baby boy for leading us on our path to veganism and not supporting farmers that continue to exploit animals.