Farm Remodel

Projects to be continued:

Demolish and replacement of sheds

Expand animal shelters


Predator Proofing

Electrical outlets and water sources
Mark and Dini moved into the Hagen family farm on Lake Anna in Underwood, Minnesota during the Fall of 2017.

Since then, they have continued to do a full renovation including updating electrical and plumbing throughout the home.

A new chicken shed was put up during the fall with a new predator proof fence and alarm this spring. The plan is to expand the outdoor fenced area to at least triple in size along with add a heater source by this fall.

There are currently four sheds that have been on the property for decades which are on the verge of being destroyed with all the property in them due to age. They cannot be renovated; therefor the goal is to replace them. Once replaced, they will be used for the current equipment along with extra animal shelter.

The ultimate goal of the renovation was not only to make the farm updated and livable for our human family, but also our fur and feather family with the hopes of expanding our home to larger animals in need.
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