Meet Our Board

Dini Opsahl

Mark Opsahl

Executive Director & Co Founder
Financial Director, Maintenance Director & Co Founder
Dini is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been involved in animal rescue and welfare advocacy for almost two decades. After educating herself on the treatment of typical farmed animals, she went vegan and decided to devote her life to creating a home where beings of all species can be safe from exploitation. With her husband, they created Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary.
Dini's left her original career in business and finance to run the sanctuary full time and educate others on the importance of ethical veganism for the animals and enviroment. She works as a vegan activist and mentor along with running all aspects of the sanctuary. 
Dini enjoys cooking, new adventures, and spending time with her animal family and nature on the lake.

Mark is an Underwood, Minnesota native.  With his wife Dini, they founded Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary only 5 minutes from where he grew up. He works on converting his families old dairy farm into an animal sanctuary with the help of his family. Mark works full time as a maintenance director; a field he has been in for over 10 years. He uses that knowledge to help run everyday maintenance operations to support the sanctuary. 
Mark likes to spend his time with family, enjoying video games, and doing lake activities. 

Rebecca Prochaska

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Jessica Wanna

Board Chair

Communications Director

​​​Board Member

​Rebecca is a graduate of the University of St. Catherine’s and has worked in technology sales for 10+ years. Rebecca became a vegetarian at an early age and is vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, among others.

Rebecca enjoys spending time in nature, traveling and advocating for the protection of gray wolves.
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Jessica was raised in Aberdeen, SD. She went vegetarian in 1995 when she started researching animal experimentation. She went completely vegan in 2016. She has always loved all creatures. She is currently involved in the upcoming 2019 Veg Fest committee along with working with ALAS to continue helping animals in need.

Jessica has Miakoda the cat; Buddy the plecostomus; two black moor goldfish’s Martha & Stewart; multiple Sals, Hals, and Eds snails; along with house plants.

Jessica graduated from MSUM with a B.S. Geoscience and Minors in Biology & Botany.