Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit microsanctuary located in Underwood, Minnesota. We are devoted to providing a caring home through rescue, adoption and education.

We currently are home to 20 chickens, 5 ducks, and 3 cows.

Help all animals by adopting a plant-based diet.

What is a microsanctuary and why are they so important?

A microsanctuary is the idea of rescuing animals on a smaller scale than larger sanctuaries.

We focus on farmed species; ones humans don't typically view as companions.

Our core principles align with ethical veganism which include the safety, physical, and emotional well-being of our residents, along with striving to be spaces of collective liberation; where beings of all species can be safe from violence, oppression, and exploitation.

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The Microsanctuary Movement
Our Story

Dini was raised by her grandparents, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Her grandmother was the first female animal control officer in the United States and a active advocate for the homeless, LGBTQ+, Native American civil rights, and animal rights.

Through her grandmother’s teachings, Dini focuses on continuing her advocacy for her work and has adopted animals in need for over a decade.


Mark’s grandfather ran a farm in Underwood, Minnesota for 4 decades while his father worked on a farm from the age of nine years old.

Being raised around a farming community, Mark is familiar with animal and farm practices.

Mark moved into his family’s farm and with help from his father and
family, it continues in his grandfathers name as Elmer Hagen's farm as well as a new name of Anna Lake Microsanctuary;

both continuing with a
vegan focus.

Mark and Dini have been together for almost a decade and have one beautiful daughter.

After education and reevaluation, they together adopted a vegan lifestyle and focus on providing a safe home for displaced animals.

We thrive to honor our grandparents and evolve their teachings.

We are currently a home to a mix of roosters, hens, and cats with the dream to provide a safe haven to larger farmed animals in need.